Monday, 28 April 2014

A beginner's eye on the world of candles

It's a bit of a cliche blogger fad to like candles but I have no shame in admitting that my nose finds pleasure in beautiful scents. I'm only getting into the world of candle scents and in a metaphorical sense I've only just dipped my toes into it, so do share your recommendations below, I'd love to get my noggin into new flavours ( is that a thing? Candle flavours? )

So apart from the normal forms of candles I do admire the bursts of scent these candle tarts give, just a nice hint to fragrance a room nicely. I think Yankee were the first brand I associated with candles and they have a wide variety of scents, it's unbelievable! The four I have are universal scents that work all year round, but it is a preference thing so you have to get a whiff before buying otherwise you may live to regret the purchase.

I think I currently find that I am drawn to fresh scents and clean florally fragrances. 'Sandalwood vanilla' and 'clean cotton' are my favourite although clean cotton can side on the air freshener whiff of things. 'Natures paintbrush' is like breathing in the summers breeze, makes me very envious of countries that are forever sunny! 'Pink lady slipper' a strong floral that I don't like as much smelling straight from the wax, but I think it's one that will be more mellow as it spread through a room.

So what are your picks for a spring time scent?

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