Monday, 14 April 2014

Flowers in bloom

Everyone loves flowers right?... Well, exempting those allergic and male, it's a universally loved item in my eyes. An ode to flowers and all things Spring related is well deserved.

I love flowers, if you haven't already guessed. From Roses to Peonies, my personal favourite, they're just gorgeous. I actually look forward to the day I get my own place so I cant adorn it into a shrine of vases filled with colourful flowers in every room possible. I deduce from my obsession that Spring is my favourite season because I get to see all the flowers come to life and it's the motherly instinct in me that gets all giddy and excited to see the first blooms of the season pop out, I know what you're thinking, 'weirdo'. My friends seem to think so too. So as I write this post I'm getting the 'stop banging on about flowers' stare.

I think I might call it a day there and go worship some Tumblr pictures, I just can't help it. Ta rah

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