Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Post Easter weekend feels ~ Day in the life #5

So that weekend happened. I can't remember any other time in the year that we get a 4 day mini holiday to enjoy with our families, and mine certainly took all opportunities to have a BBQ.  It was an amazingly warm day ( Monday to be clear ) even though Sunday was corking with rain, and we were pretty lucky because we managed to miss the evening rain with all BBQ, food and people safely stowed back in their rightful places. (food = in my stomach :P)

Safely inside we had a mini MAD easter egg, sweety hunt and boy did it end in extreme violence and pillow throwing. All games over, we pretty much all resulted in gaining equal amounts of chocolate so the added bonus of bruises was lovely, needless to say I took the role of 'instigator' for this family activity knowing how crazy my family gets. Now I'm left with a hangover from all food consumed from the day- burgers, sweetcorn and fizzy drinks, and might I add it's the daddy of all stodgy feelings. That's my diet out the window! #posteasterweekendfeels

What did you get up to on the weekend?

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