Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Tippin on Tuesdays #3

This is part three of tip Tuesday so if you missed so look back at tip one or tip two to catch up if you haven't already.

Candle remnants- Tip #3

When your left at the end of the wick where the candle no longer burns use the leftover wax in a wax tart burner to use up the ends of the candle. When the wick is taken out the wax it pretty much resembles a candle tart so like you'd burn a tart in a oil burner type of stand, use the leftover wax similarly. It releases the same scent just with the help of a tea-light melting it from the bottom. 

If you have trouble removing left over wax freeze the candle and in the morning use a spoon to gently ease it out of the container/jar. The jar can easily be used as storage and the reused wax can be burnt for longer usage, just remember to remove the wick!

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