Monday, 5 May 2014

A guide to Upcycling

As you know I'm not yet moving houses, but being the over-thinker that I am I had planned to do a upcycling series where I show you ways to revamp furniture and fabrics, to create new pieces. Well whilst I have no physical evidence of items I've actually created I thought I'd share a guide to the world of reusing what is already yours. 

First of all I am aware that you may not know what upcycling is. It comes from the recycling family and it's basically taking what you have and upgrading it. It saves on landfill and money you would have spent buying a new piece of furniture or item.

The most easiest way to upgrade a dresser for example is to give it a sanding, repaint and replace the handles. This is probably the most easiest and something I'll be getting into for my new bedroom. Besides that you can spray paint wardrobes, gloss over kitchen cupboards, stencil designs onto furniture or reupholster an old chair with fabric. The ideas are pretty much endless. 

It doesn't only stop at furniture, clothes can be upcycled too. For example you can use an old floral t-shirt to create a cushion, and an old pair of jeans can be revamped by slashing the knees for a modern update. It's really up to you how you upcycle your items, the world is endless with opportunity.

So what will you be upcycling?

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