Thursday, 1 May 2014

Life Update// May

So last update I told you I was on the road to a new home. Turns out that I'm staying put for now because the homeowner changed her mind about giving it up! That was a bit of a blow to say the least. Thank you to all of you who wished me luck it was very nice of you guys, but for now atleast I'll be staying in the same location. To be honest you wouldn't have noticed but I didn't want to deceive you into believing something that I claimed before.

What's happening this month? Well my parents are still house hunting, I still have exams in T minus 20 days and I'm currently sitting trying to schedule as many posts as possible. I've decided to post every other day for the remainder of my exam period to lessen the time I spend on my computer. In theory that means every odd day of this month will be a post, exempting the 'Lazy Sundays' posts seen as my week will only consist of bed-bound revision. In June it will rotate to every even day until June 18th when I finally finish my exams! I actually am the procrastination queen I don't know if I can make it through but more of that on Saturday's musings.

What can you expect this month? Same old me being me, sitting on my laptop sharing my DIY, Beauty and lifestyle rambles, so don't you worry. I have plenty of creative juices and ideas flowing for my blog, it's just a matter of finding time with my hefty revision load to write posts up, but it will be done!

So that's really it in my world, what's happening in your lives this month?

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