Saturday, 31 May 2014

May Roundup

This month has flown by as any other would, but more so this month because I've only posted half the amount I usually would have! Sorry again, I promise it will back to normal in 3 weeks. 2 exams down 5 to go! Anyways I thought I'd continue my round-up series this month with a colleciton of posts I've written up this month.

Starting with a personal fave, my 'crockery as storage' post which I highly enjoyed writing up since I've been using bowls and cups for years now. It's so fun and satisfying finding a beautiful vintage saucer to store rings and jewelery, am I alone on that one?

Next was the highly anticipated haul from fragrance direct. I didn't go to crazy but I loved every item I got, reviews will be up soon so get a low-down of the things I've purchased for a mini 'unboxing' first impression.

Blogroll came back for a second round and it was again a hard choice pciking my fave three for that post. Of cource I have so many loves but I hope my top three this month were greatly enjoyed equally.

As always my links are on the right so make sure you follow me on instagram and GFC for updates daily. Next month I'll be back so keep your eyes peeled for a comeback ;).

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