Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Exams Are Over! ( Finally )

So right now as this post goes live I'll be anticipating and sitting all nervous ready to take my final exam, maths ( Oh the beauty of pre-scheduling ). 2 months of preparation and 6 exams down, everything is left in the hands of this last test. I'm so stressed right now ( well at least I hope I will be ) it's really not too funny, I could pee my pants. To anyone else doing exams today, good luck and I feel your pain! To everyone else, I can finally be back to my normal blogging routine. Expect a full blown update and low-down in tomorrows post. 

Cue Cheesiness overload! But quickly, thank you for sticking by me and my humble little blog for these past months. I've banned myself from using my internet for non-revision purposes so right now I know nothing about who is reading, commenting or if anyone cares, but numbers don't matter; ironic seen as I'm about to take a maths exam. I had a dream, setting out sail in the widely over packed world that is blogging, I'm still finding my feet and my feet haven't found me yet but when they do it will be as magical as the day I began.

So here's to the rest of 2014. *raises empty glass* I'll be back tomorrow with a guide to what is coming in the rest of June. For now take care and stay tuned! x

P.S- sorry for the lack of posts on Monday- exams got on top of me and I was a mess!

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  1. Thank you for continuing to post on top of the stress of exams :-)
    My exams have not finished yet buh hopefully i should be joining you soon in all the celebrations!! I look forward to all your future posts and just good luck with everything :-D


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