Friday, 11 July 2014

Kiko Ultra Glossy Lip Pencils

So if you saw my haul last month then you would have seen kiko lip pencils make a cheeky appearance in there somewhere. Since then I've been in love.

I picked up two shades in 602 and 609 a plummy purple and a nude. The formula of these pencils are SO creamy its unbelievable! Great for lining the lips or even just using it as a lip crayon ( which I've been doing lately ) , they work equally well both ways. The lasting power is also good for something so glossy. So much so that I had difficulty removing the swatches from my hand! If that's not a good sign then what it?

Did I mention they were only £1? No? Okay well they were reduced heavily and I was really glad I managed to snap them up for 80% less that the original price. Saying that the original £5.20 is not that crazy for a good quality lip pencil. Click here to get your hands on some pencils from the online store. Sadly most of the colours are gone, is that even a surprise? Alternatively you could pop into your local Kiko store for a look.

Apart from that some Con's, if any would be that the colour is really sheer. Not really a problem for me but I know some people expect a strong performance from a lip pencil and that's acceptable, this product won't be for you. Also when the name says 'Glossy' it definitely is not a lie! Gloss is noticeable so matte lovers will have to stay put. Although saying that I think the subtle gloss from the lip pencil would pair nicely under a matte lipstick especially to remove the dry look some matte lipsticks give off.

So rave over. What do you think of a glossy lip pencil? If you own any kiko products let me know what else I should purchase from the brand because I think I'm in love with both quality and value.  

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  1. £1!!! That's literally the best thing ever!!

    Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr

  2. I've never tried kiko before but these sound so lovely

  3. aww thank you and I will definitely check it out!


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