Saturday, 14 March 2015

Boots exfoliating sponge

A few months ago I picked up a Boots exfoliating sponge on 3 for 2 offer with a moisturiser and face wash. But I was most excited to see what the sponge would work like on my undeniably dry skin.

I've been using it for a good few months now and at first I have to admit it was really scratch-y on my skin even after immersing it in hot water before use. It felt really harsh on my skin but with the cleanser it didn't leave any redness or marks on my skin as I feared, it was actually surprisingly nice and left my skin uber soft. Now that the 'new' feeling of the sponge is gone it isn't so harsh on my skin and works equally as well as the first results. I love how it buffs away dead skin leaving my face as soft as a baby's bottom. I use it once a week but to be honest I think I could do with using it twice because the softness lasts around 2 days after exfoliating- I'm guessing the top layer of skin 'dies' and needs re-exfoliating, but I'm no expert.

One thing I should mention is that although it leaves my skin really supple and soft, the sponge needs a bit of care in the drying process to ensure no bacteria grows on it. Ideally I guess it should be replaced every so often, but you'll be able to tell when that is from the state of the sponge. For £1.50 (cheaper if you work it into a Boots deal) it isn't going to break the bank.

What are your thoughts on exfoliating?

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