Thursday, 5 March 2015

MAC Half 'n Half

The day has come where I review my first ever MAC lippy, it's been a long time coming and I've finally got my hands on one. I think I had a mini heart palpitation when I was handed a MAC bag for my birthday, it was ever so generous of them to take time out to go looking for a shade specifically for me, it honestly makes me so happy and greatful.

I was prewarned that it wasn't velvet teddy due to the ongoing lack of stock ( blame the Kylie Jenner lip obsession). But nonetheless this shade is gorgeous, and from a quick google it's not too different from velvet teddy.

The formula is an amplified finish which from swatch and wear I believe is a glossy matte look, which is really flattering and moisturising on my lips. Definitely buildable and longlasting with a paired lipliner like Rimmel addiction. Now that I've got one I think I've been bitten by the MAC monster and I want every shade possible!

I don't think Half 'n half is a hyped lipstick ( if so I must be living under a rock!) so I would never have heard of it before being given it, any more unsung Mac lipsticks that I should try?

What was your first MAC lipstick?

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